UltraSafe Token

The UltraSafe token is the first product of Ultra Protocol. UltraSafe's ($ULTRA) contract ownership has been fully renounced and its liquidity has been locked for 79 years. The combination of these two factors means that it is impossible for the UltraSafe token to be rugpulled. Confirmation of this security can be found within the two audits performed on the token's contract.

The aforementioned audits can be found here:


Every transaction performed using the UltraSafe Token is subject to an 8% tax. This includes buying, selling, and transferring any UltraSafe tokens.

The first 4% is automatically distributed back into the locked liquidity pool.
The other 4% is then distributed to all holders of the UltraSafe token. The tokenomics of $ULTRA create a passive form of income for all holders by increasing their holdings as a result of every transaction. Additionally adding to the locked liquidity increases the token's price floor while decreasing the price impact incurred by the sale of tokens.

Buying UltraSafe

$ULTRA is currently available for purchase using BNB directly from our website or Pancake Swap. Always be certain you are using the correct contract address when swapping.


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